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Ultra-low volume (ULV) pesticides are formulations that are highly concentrated, and as such, are applied at rates that are much lower than less-concentrated types of pesticide formulations. The droplets released by ULV applications are only microns in diameter, and thus, are more likely to drift and harm non-targets, including the applicator.

While effective, “ULVs are not panacea” (W. Robinson, 1979).

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Source: National Association of State Departments of Agriculture Research. (2014) National Pesticide Applicator Certification Core Manual. Second Edition Arlington, VA.

pan·a·ce·a (noun)

a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.
“the panacea for all corporate ills”
synonyms: universal cure, cure-all, cure for all ills, universal remedy, sovereign remedy, heal-all, nostrum, elixir, wonder drug, perfect solution, magic formula, magic bullet;

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