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Welcome to the front door of MyAUA on the World Wide Web. Thank you for visiting!

 The Flint River in Albany, Georgia. Headquartered in scenic Southwest Georgia, MyAUA is your one-stop destination for exam prep, tutoring, and custom writing services.

About the Albany Unified Academy 

The Albany Unified Academy is MyAUA

Promising a prime experience for all students, MyAUA is a Georgia-based company which is headquartered in the scenic town of Albany.  The company is focused on educational enrichment for its student clientele. 
As a company with a mission to promote scholarship and professional development, MyAUA promotes the very best in academic support services. Thus, MyAUA is an institution devoted to helping students to achieve their educational goals and dreams, while rewarding each client with a personal and unique experience that builds rapport, respect, and trust.
Please donate to MyAUA, which will support this mission.  Your donation will help reduce costs associated with MyAUA programs and services. Your donation is tax deductible.

Tutoring with MyUltimate Wizz and Writing Services

MyAUA offers short review sessions and private tutoring in various subjects and standardized tests, including Georgia Milestones, SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, and others. It is hoped that your time with us will lead to higher grades, scores, and eventual college, graduate, or professional school admission. Guaranteed!

MyAUA provides private tutoring sessions with its MyUltimate Wizz experts for pre-K through 12th grades as well as for post-secondary students at any school. Rates are billed at $20 or $34/hour for 1- or 2-hour sessions, respectively, which considers time spent during the session, travel to your location, as well as for the grade level and subject to be tutored.
Please note that the maximum time limit of a tutoring session is 2 hours, which is to allow for adequate rest and synthesis of the material to be taught and mastered between tutoring sessions. We are available for one or more sessions per week with the same student or groups, including weekends and holidays, so schedule a time at your first opportunity.

Contact MyAUA for your custom ghostwriting needs, such as for the research paper, essay or business plan. A MyUltimate Wizz  can help you write your personal statement and resume from scratch and can edit your own work as well. Rates range from $0.75-$1.41/word with no royalty or credit to the ghostwriter.

Learning at MyAUA

MyAUA offers exam prep and tutoring services online and in person.

Online learning programs are less costly than traditional programs, offering savings on commute time, travel expenses, and operational costs, which saves you thousands of dollars over the course of your experience.

MyAUA offers the MyUltimate Guarantee, which is an assurance that if you are not satisfied with the score you receive on a live exam taken within 30 days of completing one of our courses or a tutoring session, then you will receive free registration off any subsequent exam prep registration or tutoring session.

E-learning is the wave of the future. Jump aboard before the semester begins. Register now!

Downtown Albany, Georgia

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Statement of Mission

MyAUA is devoted to prodigious scholarship and professional development for the citizens of the world, promoting great academic achievement among humankind.

The MyAUA logo represents, insight, intellect, and wisdom, which are virtuous trademarks of the human psyche.

Hire an expert and experienced MyUltimate Wizz instructor today.

Application & Essay Service

Let MyAUA help you prepare your applications and essays for undergraduate, graduate, or professional school as well as summer programs.  MyAUA has experience in this and have been successful with previous clients gaining acceptance to various programs in the U.S. 

Curriculum Design and Continuing Education

Comprehensive MyUltimate Wizz support can help you with curriculum design for your classroom or educational institution. This is includes development of lesson plans, course content, assessments and study materials  for most any subject.  

Are you a pesticide applicator within Georgia?  MyAUA offers credit in several recertification courses for your continuing education needs. Please view continuing education options for the Georgia commercial pesticide applicators here.

Biobibel and life science basics

Please visit sister website at biobibel.com.  This is a blog moderated by MyAUA founder and CEO.  You can also follow Biobibel on Facebook.

In-Person Service Area

The yellow shading on the map shown here represents the MyAUA tutoring service area within Southwest Georgia. This is for in-person tutoring only and does not apply to online, live sessions as MyAUA has moved to this format in light of social distancing guidelines. This service is by appointment only. Order today.

Private tutoring is available for all of Southwest Georgia.