Refund Policy


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There are many factors that determine your performance on a live standardized exam. Some of these factors are outside our scope of influence. Moreover, we cannot affect the grading criteria that your teachers and instructors use to assess your performance on the assignments with which we assist you. Thus, at this time, MyAUA does not offer refunds on purchases of exam prep courses, tutoring sessions, and for custom writing services. However, MyAUA does offer the MyUlitmate Guarantee on these services.

If you don’t receive a grade of ‘B’ or better in a subject where you received exam prep or tutoring by MyAUA, we will offer you a full credit of your original purchase cost to be used for future service. Additionally, this guarantee also applies if you have earned a score that is not to your satisfaction on any live, standardized exam.
Subsequent enrollment of the same course does not apply to this reduced rate plan once the MyUltimate Guarantee has been applied to the repeated course.
We encourage you to read about our MyUltimate Guarantee in the Terms and Conditions section of this website to learn more about our purchase policy and this guarantee of service.