Drought conditions in Georgia


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To address the cause(s) of your turfgrass browning, call an experienced pest control company for a proper diagnosis and remedy.

Much of the state of Georgia is now under Level 1 drought conditions. Drought is a major cause of browning of turfgrass. Turfgrass browning could also be caused by inadequate planting, poor soil makeup, excessive fertilization, mechanical issues related to improper mowing heights as well as pollution, insects, roundworms, including nematodes, pathogens, and the fungal-caused brown patch, large patch, and Heminthosporium diseases.

Also, study the map below to see if your county is affected by the drought. The areas in red are in extreme drought, while the areas in orange and light orange are in severe and moderate drought, respectively. Lastly, areas in yellow are abnormally dry according to the map.

Drought map of Georgia as of 10/22/2019.
For updated drought summaries, go here.

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