Environmental Sciences (EVSC)

Learn EVSC from a biologist

Environmental Sciences (EVSC)

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Environmental Science (EVSC) is the division of biology that is often confused with ecology, however, the former deals with the study of the interactions of organisms within the environment and their effect on life as a whole.

To prepare students for careers in research, education, government, or industry, MyAUA offers EVSC and etymology review as well as a pest primer and zoology under this subject area.  This will ready you for the AP or your regular exams in this subject for future success.

The environment can be divided further into ecosystems and this is further divided itself into niches where life is founded and affected by human involvement, including the population overgrowth and pollution of all sorts.  This is the study of ecology, which you will learn more about too during your studies in this tutoring track at MyAUA.

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