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GRE® Prep Course

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About this course

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Please find the GRE® test bulletin .  This document will guide you and is helpful as you progress through the course and I thought not to reinvent the wheel by making my own lesson plan. 

Please complete the quiz at the end of the session.  It is a part of your homework assignment besides the reading assignments.  It will be graded and will be used to provide you with feedback and coaching.

Please register for a Zoom account, which will be used for online courses and tutoring.  

Please report errors that you feel or share your feedback on our contact form .

Course Structure

1 Chapter

Analytical Writing

Your writing skills will be scored form  0-6 on the GRE®

MyAUA provides writing practice on various topics to ensure that you excel on test day.  The GRE® writing section is computer-based and is graded on clarity, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, and your ability to reason and answer the statement provided.

Reading Strategies 1 Session Review

Writing Strategies for Prompts

Here you will find writing strategies from Use this for this session on writing from prompts.