Georgia Milestone Assessment Prep

Georgia Milestones Assessment Prep Course

1 Module 1 Chapter 1 Session Review Advanced

About this course

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Please find the Georgia Milestones Assessment study guide for grades 3-8 and for high school .  You will need these documents to guide progress through the course and I thought not to reinvent the wheel by making my own lesson plans. 

Please complete the quiz at the end of the week.  It is a part of your homework assignment besides the reading assignments.  It will be graded and will be used to provide you with feedback and coaching.

Please register for a Zoom account, which will be used for online courses and tutoring.  

 Please report errors that you feel or share your feedback on this  contact form.

Course Structure

1 Chapter

Grades 3-8: English Languages Arts (ELA)

This module will focus on topics for ELA for the Georgia Milestones. This is an online course taught on Zoom. Please register for access and check your e-mail account for updates.

Please sign up for Google Classroom where you where your quizzes will be.


Grades 3: ELA 1 Session Review

Lesson 1: Nouns, Adjectives and Reading Comprehension

In this lesson, we will review exercises over nouns, adjustive, and reading comprehension.