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CLEP®   can be used to earn you college credit, much like the AP® exams. 

Please view the  content guide for the CLEP®.  You will need this information to progress through the course.

Please complete the quiz at the end of the week.  It is a part of your homework assignment besides the reading assignments.  It will be graded and will be used to provide you with feedback and coaching.

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Course Structure

1 Chapter

Science and Mathematics

Science and mathematics are related, being quantitative fields that both using the scientific method.  This course will prepare your firstly with sessions over biology, which is where your MyUltimate Wizz has the most experience and expert knowledge.  


Biology 1 Session Review

Cell and Molecular Biology

The cell is the basis of life and the smallest unit which has all the characteristics of life.  Fittingly, it is a great place to start when discussing biology.