Corporate Social Responsibility

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 Devoted to scholarship and service to humanity... This is a corporate promise to you.

Corporate Social Responsibly is central

In line with its mission to promote scholarship and service to humanity, the Albany Unified Academy (MyAUA) endeavors to be highly principled in its use of the word's natural resources. In a time of great social achievement, there's also a need to facilitate stewardship in environmental sustainability.

Therefore, MyAUA is happy that you have taken the time to learn more about the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that it has implemented. This organization is certain that you will find this information resourceful in evaluating MyAUA and its offerings, and hopefully, you will choose to join in with these community service endeavors.

Virtual transactions of goods and services cost less than real word transactions. As a primary provider of online learning, MyAUA offers several benefits over traditional formats. For example, learners at MyAUA save hundreds of dollars over course materials such as study aids and manuals by participating in this free program. Moreover, students who participate in this e-learning format save on commute times and the resources that would be spent in a traditional setup.  Also, students find that the virtual labs for science tutoring offer greater safety and reproducibility than traditional laboratory exercises, according to a report by Beth Dumbold (2017).

As more schools of higher learning trend towards online education,  MyAUA offers students reduced and competitive course registration rates when compared with other exam prep organizations who have to spend much of their operational costs on maintaining a large physical plant of offices, classrooms, and event spaces.

Albany, GA

Water conservation—a top priority

Thorough knowledge of pest biology, combined with the application of IPM science, which is at the forefront of pest control technology, as well as the proper use of pesticides, decreases the occurrence of pesticide resistance among pest organisms and enhances the action of pesticide applications. Consequently, pest control technicians should deliver pesticide applications at the recommended label rate, or below the label rate when recommended. This reduces the concentration of pesticides and herbicides available for non-target movement into valuable water sources, including drift, runoff, leaching, and phytotoxic action on non-target species, all while providing high efficacy.


MyAUA has enacted a water conservation initiative to ensure that this natural resource is not wasted.  Even more, MyAUA recognizes its part in decreasing water, soil, and solid waste pollution of the environment by the various other chemicals that would be used in a traditional laboratory setup or large physical plant such as on the common, large corporate campus.  Conservation of water is a central tenet of the MyAUA Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Therefore, as mentioned elsewhere, MyAUA emphasizes pesticide container rinsing and recycling according to label directions amongst commercial pesticide applicators.  This is so that only cleansed containers are taken to recycling facilities and landfills, which is consistent with pesticide label regulations. Because MyAUA is committed to environmental stewardship, it recognizes the utility of pesticide-disposal services sponsored by waste remediation organizations for waste producers such as pest control companies.

At MyAUA, a shredded waste paper recycling program is employed, which affords great security to 

patrons and benefits the community at large by reducing solid waste.  

Additionally, MyAUA supports the World Earth Day and Pride events with voluntary time donated in aiding these civic activities. Lastly, MyAUA encourages clients to gain volunteer, apprenticing, and clinical experiences while high school or undergraduate students.  These experiences at various organizations within Georgia are used to build rapport with employers, which sharpen the skill sets that are necessary for successful job placement and career retention among MyAUA clientele.

Providence Canyon State Park

 ("Little Grand Canyon")

Stewart County, GA

MyAUA would like to hear from you

In all, these CSR initiatives are indicators of the marked dedication to environmental sustainability, community service, and the good health of our world. Kindly consider your part in these promoting environmental sustainability or other humanitarian effort and send MyAUA a message. MyAUA would like to hear from you!