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A Message from the Founder and CEO | Dear Patrons: The Albany Unified Academy and its online portal, which is called MyAUA, serves to enrich the very brightest minds across the world through our rigorous, preparatory exam programs. This is a momentous task by any measure and a noble one indeed, however it is important to note that MyAUA was created as a e-learning system for clients. MyAUA is the brainchild of me, Jeremiah Ebenzee Spence. I am a founder who has deep roots in education within Southwest Georgia. With this great mission to encourage scholarship and service, Jeremiah incorporated the company within the state of Georgia with the goal of serving students from diverse, socioeconomic backgrounds. These types of students are the focus of the video at right by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). The preparatory exam programs in science, math and the arts offered by MyAUA, including for several standardized tests were created with students' needs in mind. Take a look at the courses on this website and register right away. Offering value and quality, MyAUA is the best choice for any student looking to get an edge in these exams and subjects. Therefore, we look forward to hearing from you. Welcome to MyAUA! All best wishes, Jeremiah.

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Multi-use Preparatory Programs

The MyAUA prep programs inspire greatness in thinking and problem solving, leading to a better grasp of difficult theories. This will prepare you for any standardized test and course of study.

Instructional Support and Free Textbooks and Manuals

MyAUA offers one-on-one instructional support, such as tutoring, free textbooks and manuals, which are all excellent study aids. This is special in education.

Convenience and testing at your own time

Work at your own schedule and pace. Test whenever or however you like with your notes and without proctors.

Affordability, value, and quality

Compared to similar educational services, MyAUA is affordable and offers great value.

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